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Shocks and Surprises

This post has been first published on Parentous  The other day I was updating a parent about her child’s progress when one of my favourites comes and tells me, “Teacher, you don’t look good in dress (Punjabi suits)....

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Putrarthe Kriyathe Varja

This post has been first published for Parentous. Putrarthe Kriyathe Varja is an ancient Sanskrit phrase which means, “we marry with the sole aim to have a son to keep the clan progressing”. This was the blessings that one...

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Crying and Attachment

This post was first published for Parentous an initiative by BlogAdda“Cry cry itna cry karte hain kaiko,Pal Pal rote hain kaiko”This, I heard from my friend Sheetal, who is allergic to children, when her sister-in-law delivered...

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Child Behaviour and You

During my last PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) I came across few parents who had a similar question regarding their child’s behaviour. They were in complete shock when I told them their ward’s behaviour is extremely good and...

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The Gadget Kid

This post has been first published by me for Parentous an initiative by BlogAdda. Here are the few lines of the poem penned by me. The first few letters that you murmuredWere not at all easy to pickTrying and failing...

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The Shy Baby

It is said that, “Parents are their children’s first and best teachers.” It is only through the watchful guidance of parents, the child learns to speak properly and behave appropriately in front of everyone. But what happens...

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The Antenna Mamma

Being a Mom is a tough tough job. You have to be on your toes all the time 24*7. What does the kid need, how to make them understand what is right or wrong are few of the many things a parent needs to do. The antenna has to be...

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