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Hello friends, it is the day when creative juices flow in such a flow that it becomes imperative to pen it down. Only then you feel better and a lot happier. So that’s exactly what I did. I wrote some micro poetries on...

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Gracing the dawn

Into the day eight of #NaPoWriMo we have to write a love poem on an inanimate object.So, have attempted a Tanka.Also tagging it to #AtoZChallengeGingerly receiveGregarious aromaKiss that welcomes dawnKindles the ember withinIn...

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Two Souls One Heart

Source: Googleperpetuallypounding heartbeats synchronized  as unitywith roots of love strengtheningthe lacunae that it once leftThis is the Third part in the series of #Micropoetry depicting ‘Love at First Sight and...

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The Plunge

ready for the plungeunknown to their parents wishestachycardiashe slid her fingers filling the void perpetuallyYou can read the first part of the series of #Micropoetry on ‘Love at First Sight and...

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