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At Half Time 2016

Half year is still left for the 2016 to come to an end and the first half has just gone by. Over the years of my blogging journey, I have never used it as a means to do some rant over any subject, but for the first time I feel...

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A Bond Called Friendship

Disclaimer: This post is intended for audience above 25 years of age.It is said that in life even if you have a single friend whom you can trust blindly then your life’s problem has already been diminished by half. That...

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I Confess to Thee

Well, confession is not that easy. That is what I have actually heard and in fact that is true too. “Confessions act like a broom, sweeps all the dirt and leaves a brighter road ahead.”But what if I had to...

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Apple of my eye?

“Hmm… this seems good on me.”After a minute or so, looking into the mirror, with moving her face in almost all degrees and eyeing her look especially her long and newly straightened hair falling over her right...

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