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I wish I were

At times we all wish to be something different from our current lives. One may choose to be another life form. But, I wish I were a Smile. Read the haiku.

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Fragile – A haiku which depicts a picture where in life there are many things that are fragile and can be crushed, including life itself.

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A fragile flower Alive, yet crushed knowingly  Just as our lives – bombed A haiku in the wake of the recent terrorists attack on various parts of the world; Beiruit, Baghdad, Paris and many more unreported...

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Life is a journey Before and after doesn’t matter The present matters Source Linking it to Haiku Horizons – The word prompt being...

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A peck on the cheek Fragments of chipped cartilage I float within peace Linking it to Haiku Horizons where the word prompt is...

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