Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. Some bring smiles on our faces, whereas some let the pain seep through. They are a bottle filled with some fizzy drink which leaves a bittersweet after taste.

I clearly remember 20 years ago, I was under a shell, protected from the worldly evil just like a pearl. It was good to some extent. However, reflecting upon it, I realized that the protective shell suppressed me. It didn’t allow me to express myself or for that matter even understand the feelings that I might be going through. Currently, I am glad that I am coming out of this shell and being expressive.

Let's open up - #WordsMatter
Let’s open up – #WordsMatter

But it did allow me to shed tears. Yes, even boys and men cry. I sometimes cry even now! At that time, I cried oblivious to anyone as my uncle did not bid goodbye. Reflecting upon it, I still don’t know the exact reason – whether it was not saying goodbye or was it that I missed him or both. But, I feel I expressed myself, slowly coming out from the cocoon.

Apart from numerous bitter memories, I did have some pretty lovely memories as well which I can clearly remember. I remember smiling coyly when being teased on an almost daily basis by my friends and the girl’s reaction to the teasing. My still heart started beating and I acknowledged its presence.

Another lovely memory is that of my current idol and a heartthrob of many at that time. I used to just run and stand in front of the TV whenever he appeared in the Jammy advertisement. I still love the ad probably due to the fact that I liked eating jam then and still like eating as well, and secondly, Rahul Dravid enacted in the ad, along with the way he carried himself despite being pretty serious on the field.

It is one of the #AdsThatSpeak to me, as subsequently, over the years, it made be believe that you can try your hands at different things irrespective of the success or failure in previous innings.

In a nutshell, 20 years ago, I was not opening up the way I should have been. Probably, my life would have been different. But, reflecting upon it, life is an ongoing journey and I am learning what is being thrown at me one day at a time.

So, open up. Speak. Talk. Share. It might lead you towards contentment and in the process allow you to know yourself better.

Open up #WordsMatter

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