We hardly notice a talk about periods, be it within our inner circle of friends or at home. We simply shun away from talking about it. For some reason, it comes with attached social stigma and embarrassment that even brands are careful while promoting sanitary pads and tampons. People are too averse to talk about it so much so that even the ads on sanitary napkins do not show the RED colour, but a blue coloured stain.

It’s high time that we start talking about periods, particularly to the millennials. Coz it is through them we can forge a discussion on periods and bring a change in mindset. We can probably even see discussions happening on periods and sex comfortably at home with parents.

Ads That Speak

There is one brand that is trying hard to change the way periods is looked upon and talked. A lot of women, even women who care about environmental issues, may not have thought about the impact their periods have on the environment. Menstruation is still a subject that many people are embarrassed to talk about, and it’s been largely left out of the human waste conversation. Also, it has a range of products that are environmentally friendly and reduces the impact on the environment.

So, today, under #AdsThatSpeak series, I have an ad from the brand called Thinx which through it’s first national television ad in the US is encouraging people to break stereotypes and create awareness about periods.

Let’s talk about periods – Thinx Underwear

The ad envisions a world in which men, as well as women, gets periods. It portrays a bold thought, high on vocals and creative, especially the spots of bloodstains on the bed and a tampoon string hanging out a man’s underwear.

So, what I liked about this ad:

  1. The idea and the thought to break long-held taboos about what is socially acceptable.
  2. The narrative and visuals, especially the opening line – “I think I got my period”. It sets the bold narrative and progresses from thereon.
  3. The ad gives us, the consumers the power to change perceptions.
  4. Finally, it leads us to think from the womens’ perspective – the mood swings, the uncomfortableness that they go through during the periods.

The Verdict – We need more such ads which lead us to question our age-old beliefs and enables us to talk about things considered as taboo.