The season of selecting the best gift, spending and splurging on it is here. It’s not that time of the year without you seeing advertisements from each and every retail brand asking you to shop till you drop (literally). I think a contest should be organized for having the longest bill and for the most number of bills collected during this festive season.

The crazy amount of marketing budgets and spending which happens in the name of festivities is just mindboggling. These retail brands go all out offering deep discounts on products, asking us to empty our pockets and shop for that most-awaited thing you had ever wanted and had eyes on for months.

We all know that these brands are in the money-making business and which is why they constantly hammer us with advertisements on each and every digital medium including the idiot box and through the influencers.

But wouldn’t it be good if brands tackle important issues, and use their massive reach and even a tenth of their marketing budget to spread across a message? How good it will be if Indian brands start highlighting social causes with such fanfare as they usually do!

What if we see a full-page ad in a national daily by a brand taking up a social cause or even stirring conversations around a cause all the while aligning their product accordingly?

On the contrary, what we see is the Flipkarts and Amazons of the world highjacking every digital space available to market their sale this festive season lasting up till December and even beyond.

Amidst this milieu, a very important ad almost got lost. An ad which emphasizes the need to gift yourself. A gift which can be the best gift you can ever give it to yourself.

If you have been following my blog, I’ve recently started a series called ‘#AdsThatSpeak‘ where I try to bring out ads that are truly a masterclass. This ad which I am talking about is also a masterclass urging mothers to not give up their dreams. Have a look.

The Best Gift to Gift Yourself

The ad celebrates the multitasking mothers of today through an emotionally touching theme, highly relatable content, and the monologue which aims to build awareness around insurance being indispensable for working women as they look at jointly securing their family’s future.

Policy Bazaar did a commendable job aligning their product offering while addressing the socially relevant topic of women being an equal and an important stakeholder financially and otherwise.

If we can have brands joining social causes, (read here about how Burger King sacrificed own sales to aid Mcdonalds) we probably will have a better society to live in.

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