Apart from other things, the one thing that our elders and teachers have taught us is to share – things that you love, things you have in excess, jokes and the feelings of happiness and sadness. They have taught us to be innovative, experimental, light-hearted as well as to raise awareness. However, one thing they didn’t teach is ‘Sharing Makes Us Better.’

Ads That Speak

In the 5th installment of #AdsThatSpeak series, I speak about an ad that talks about certain outdated gender norms that still holds us back. It speaks about gender inequality in the household in the form of an infomercial. It challenges steretypical household narratives.

When it comes to presenting advertisements that challenge traditional societal practices, it is important to present the cause without attacking people with different views. After all, educating a human being is not the same as teaching a monkey to juggle fruits, and Ariel’s recent campaign embodies this sentiment in a pitch-perfect manner.

Without building much suspense, here is the advertisement.

Here, Ariel invites the next generation of homeowners, especially the millennials to change the way they help in household chores. Laundry is usually categorized as ‘women’s work’, with this ad, Ariel says that its time to change this patriarchal notion.

The ad portrays it with a relatable ode to modern love and calls on people of all genders and sexualities to lend a hand while doing the laundry.

So, what makes the ad a part of #AdsThatSpeak series?

  1. The ad presents its views and sends across the message in a manner that is polite and not at all vindictive.
  2. The ad ignites discussion about the patriarchy that is prevalent in the 21st century.
  3. Although the ad seems like an extension of the Indian spot ‘Share The Load’, the Brazilian ‘Sharing Makes Us Better’ manages to weave all the tender moments and yet subtly convey the message; rather than being on the face.

I would love to know you thoughts on it. So, do drop a comment, like the post and share.

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisements that speaks and encourages us to think big.

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