I have always been fascinated with advertisements that end up on the TV screens. Not because of the efforts that go behind making an ad, but because of the creativity in delivering the message across. And hence, I’ve started a series called ‘Ads that speak‘.


With the internet, brands have now been more outspoken and have chosen to communicate things through digital mediums. In the world of advertisements, traditionally, brands have been cautious to talk about topics that are considered taboo. Of late, with the penetration of the internet and fast speed data services into the hinterlands of our nation, brands are not shying away from experimenting and saying things directly anymore. So, today, in the ‘Ads that speak‘ series, I’ll be talking about one such ad – Breast Cancer Awareness by ALTBalaji.

ALTBalaji, the streaming service platform recently came up with Breast Buffer Campaign to recognize, sensitize people and spread awareness about Breast Cancer. Before talking more about it, I’d like you to watch how the ad popped up on the viewer’s screens.

AltBalaji’s Breast Cancer Awareness Ad

There are many few brands who talk about pressing and often neglected issues. Their promotional advertisements always have some connection or an indirect link with the brand. Of course, there is nothing wrong in it, as they are in the business of making money.

ALTBalaji, on the other hand, came up with the #BreastBuffer campaign to contribute significantly to the society in a meaningful manner, break social barriers and create positive conservations.

Given the data speeds and connectivity issues, most viewers experience some downtime while watching video content. In fact, ALTBalaji’s subscribers stare at the buffering symbol for an average of 18 seconds per episode. Which means their entire women subscriber base of 1.2 million stares at the buffering symbol for approximately 360,000 minutes a day.

So, to create and spread awareness about Breast Cancer, ALTBalaji decided to replace the traditional buffering symbol with a simple yet unique Breast Buffer Symbol. So, each time a viewer experienced buffering, the Breast Cancer symbol popped up on their screen. The symbol was informative and unmissable.

I feel the campaign was a masterstroke when it came to:

  1. Ideating and executing the campaign with a simple and powerful concept
  2. Getting people to talk about Breast Cancer and aligning the brand to a social cause

So, kudos to ALTBalaji for communicating and spread awareness about Breast Cancer through this unique digital advertisement campaign.

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisement that speaks and sparks conversations.

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