What is an advertisement? Well, to put it in simple terms, an advertisement is a marketing tool to reach to a wider audience base and spread across the message. Just as ALTBalaji and Honda did through their ad campaigns. ALTBalaji chose to spread a community-driven message for the good whereas, Honda communicated their history and what they stand for.

With changing times, ways and means of advertising also need to evolve. This happens when you have a solid vision and a product to talk, market and advertise about. At times, it may lead to both advertising and marketing overlapping each other.

So, in today’s post under #AdsThatSpeak series, you’ll see how a well-known author used digital mediums to advertise and market his new book. It is none other than the world’s best-selling author for the book The Chef by James Patterson.

Ads That Speak

Being a reader and an author, it gets difficult for me to promote (advertise and market) my book. I guess it’s true for most of the authors. Although most of us are adapting to the changing world where ads (trailers, snippets, etc.) are either digital-first through social media or exclusive for the digital medium alone, there is one renowned author who has done something so creative that no other author thought of it.

The Chef by James Patterson
Ads That Speak – The Chef by James Patterson

James Patterson said that when he looks at publishing, he sees an industry that isn’t adapting. “They don’t do enough and I’m not sure exactly why.” And so, he did something different and unusual. He released his book ‘The Chef’ through Facebook’s Messenger and aimed to target 1.3 billion users of the Messenger.

The above image shows how the reader gets to start experiencing (reading) the new-age storytelling by clicking on the knife emoji. The formatting is like text messages, with video, photography, and audio intertwined throughout the fictional conversation. It’s the idea of combining everything, that gives a new direction for the publishing industry.

The below video sheds some more light on how the idea led to more readers through an immersive experience, thereby bringing the author closer to its readers.

He followed up this idea by creating Instagram accounts on a few of the leading characters from the book.

So, what did I like?

  1. The use of an immersive, multi-media Messenger novel experience to reach out to the millennials and convert them into his readers and fans.
  2. Studying and understanding the audience and the channel (Messenger) thoroughly, thereby embracing digital storytelling in a way that audiences like.
  3. Tapping into the new generation of content consumers.

To me, this is a perfect example of blurring the lines between advertising and marketing. Not only did James Patterson promoted the book with this unique way, but also succeeded in reaching out to the audience that is receptive to new-age storytelling.

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisements that speaks and encourages us to think big.

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