In our lives, we have lived a time where we had to just wait patiently for the good things to happen. So much so that it leads to us asking ourselves the big question, “Kya aap Bhagwaan ko maante ho?” Isn’t it true? Well, its time to put a stop to the waiting game and change our lives quickly as we now have ‘The Book That Will Change Your Life’ with us.

Ads That Speak

Apparently there is a book equivalent to the Bible, Gita, and Quran which has all the answers to your problems. After 3 posts in the #AdsThatSpeak series, one that has a message for the entire community, a brand showcasing its history and a unique approach to book marketing respectively, comes an ad that is quirky and delivers the message to its audience seamlessly.

The ad is by the renowned furniture giant Ikea. Ikea is known for selling its catalog as it sells almost 200 million copies worldwide. With this ad, Ikea aims at capitalizing on its status as one of the world’s biggest publisher. Given it spends 70% of its annual marketing budget on the 324-page catalog, Ikea wants to ensure it’s 2020 catalog doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Book That Will Change Your Life
The Book That Will Change Your Life

In 2018, 203 million copies of its 2018 catalog were printed, ranking it alongside the Bible, the Koran, and Harry Potter as one of the world’s most-distributed books. It has become a kind of “bible” for home-owners who are looking for affordable home-decor, reaching nearly every country in the world.

So, they came up with a tongue-in-cheek ad about a house-slob who discovers the solution to every problem in life through the ‘Book That Will Change Your Life.’ The ad is specifically targeted at the newer territories of UAE, Egypt, Oman, and Qatar where Ikea is trying to cement its place as the leader in the furniture segment.

So without talking much about the ad, here’s the ad that has made its way in the #AdsThatSpeak series.

What I liked about the #IkeaCatalogue2020 ad:

  1. The tongue-in-cheek humour
  2. ‘Apun-ich Bhagwaan Hai’ feeling that the ad evokes
  3. The message that ‘all problems can be solved’
  4. The message that all problems can be solved ‘with the Ikea2020 Catalogue’
  5. And the entire conceptualization of the ad, right from the thought to execution

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisements that speaks and encourages us to think big.

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