In the last post of #AdsThatSpeak series, we saw how ALTBalaji communicated a well-directed and an important social message with their #BreastBuffer campaign. The ad campaign was more of presenting a social message across in lieu of gaining some brand awareness rather than promoting a series or the brand itself.

In the second post of #AdsThatSpeak series, I have a very interesting ad to talk about. The ad is about a global automobile company who has witnessed tremendous success in the six decades of its existence – Honda.

Ads That Speak

Just as much Honda is known for its car, the company is equally known for creating advertisements that are way ahead of times, which can truly be called a masterpiece. One such ad which caught my attention is the advertisement called Paper by Honda’. The ad showcases their entire range of products, right from cars to motorboats, that too from inception. It’s a two-minute-long ad, which might be a bit too much for the millennials given the reducing attention span. Basically, it tells the entire story of Honda in a way that can blow away the viewers.

Having said that, it gets extremely difficult to show off decades and decades of the journey, but the Academy Award-nominated PES had it easy. All it took him was to understand Honda’s ‘The Power of Dreams’ philosophy, that drives the company’s R&D and taking an unconventional approach to showcase this philosophy, depicting the journey from where the dreams begin.

Honda Paper Ad
A still from ‘Paper’ by Honda advertisement

The commercial opens with a weathered sepia-like paper and slowly progresses to a modern graph paper to showcase the progress and evolution of the company. The commercial weaves together roughly 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations using stop-motion filming that takes viewers through a paper-flipping, historical journey of Honda products.ย 

Honda also chose to support the ad digitally with an interactive version that allows viewers to click on each product to reveal its “history and significance to Honda”, including teaser clips on Instagram.

What I liked about the Paper by Honda:

  1. The detailing, which is painstakingly beautiful
  2. The visionary approach to communicate the philosophy of ‘Power of Dreams’
  3. Of course, the concept and amplifying the ad for a more immersive user experience
  4. Commissioning on such an unconventional ad by the team at Honda

Here’s a video showcasing the making of this brilliant masterpiece.

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisements that speaks and encourages us to think big.

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