Over the course of 2 weeks, under the #AdsThatSpeak series you’ve been introduced to ads that create awareness, sparks creative thinking, encourages digital innovation, makes us smirk and even encourages us to break stereotypes.

But today, I’ll talk about an ad that is truly a masterpiece (reasons given below). It is an ad that has its base on ‘Chhatein’ aka Terraces. It is an ode to numerous fondest memories that have its ground in a place sans walls – Chhatein, where there is a neighbourhood of communities rather than just people.

Ads That Speak

When was the last time you went to the terrace in a high rise building in a metro? When was the last time you slept like a baby watching the moon spread its milky white shine across the horizon along with your entire family? Well, the chances are pretty slim. But, it could have happened in smaller towns and villages where our ancestors have grown and probably our parents as well.

This ad is replete with local nuances that bring out the importance of the ‘chhatein’ in the home and heart of a small-town Indian, the video is a lyrical montage to India’s rooftop life as poet Gulzar would imagine it – or glean from real life, actually. So, without any further delays, below is the 5-minute long ad. Cherish it.

Ambuja Cement – Chhatein – #AdsThatSpeak

This ad reinterprets Ambuja’s iconic strength, creates an emotional connect and specifically point to the roof, without making the film focusing on the product itself. This is such a rare feat to achieve. Moreover, the ad holds the audience captive with the imagery and the beautifully penned lines by none other than Gulzaar saab.

So, what according to me makes this ad truly a masterpiece and a well-deserved chance to list under #AdsThatSpeak?

  1. People love stories. They sell. This ad uses it to perfection, of course with an in-depth market study to market the product ‘Ambuja Plus Roof Special.’
  2. The video’s emotional appeal is heightened by the background score that it takes over the mind and its difficult to stop humming it.
  3. Gulzaar Saab’s poetry.

I would love to know you thoughts on it. So, do drop a comment, like the post and share.

Stay tuned for more such creative advertisements that speaks and encourages us to think big.

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