A Stinging Romance
A Stinging Romance

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“I am just wondering how come a person so focused lost one?” asked Julia caressing Mark’s cheek snuggling up to him.

“Well, I admit I lost my way but not my focus.  I’d rather say I am taking a short detour here ”, replied Mark circling her belly button.

“Admit it you fall for the curves, Mark”, she muttered softly pulling him in to a lip lock.

 “Only after falling for the guns and national duty”, he proclaimed after sharing an intimate moment with Julia under the stars.

“You bite!” she divulged after sensing her swollen lower lip.

“Brace for more, baby!” He replied gently rubbing her lips.

“Ouch! Now stop poking those long nails of yours on to my ankle.” Mark sounded serious as it did hurt.

“Well, if you love me, you get the complete package. Take it or leave it.” She cleared.

“Do I have a choice?” He was about to whisper it, instead yelled in stinging pain and both got up with a start.

“What the hell”, Mark exclaimed in disbelief upon seeing crabs having a party of their own around them.

Julia filled the air with her thunderous chortle as she ran and Mark limped behind her holding her hand.

This post is written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu and Priya