The Tale of Smart Chintu
The Tale of Smart Chintu

Chintu was born smart.

He refused to have food unless a smartphone is placed in front of him. He would sleep to the sound of a lullaby from the speaker of a smartphone. He would enjoy streaming rhymes and smile watching Motu Potlu on Youtube. The smartphone became his best buddy.

This infuriated their parents. They went to a doctor and told her about their son’s behaviour. The doctor asked Google Home for a solution.

Google Home: Now playing latest hits from Salman Khan movies.

An awesome track started playing softly. Chintu’s parents were in shock as they had not expected something like this. They first started at each other and then at the doctor.

The doctor smiled and reasoned. “Smartphones are fine. It’s now time to move towards more smarter devices, such as Google Home. How it can help you solve the problem is that you can play Chintu his favourite rhymes and songs. Moreover, if you get a Google Chromecast and connect it to your smart TV, you can stream Youtube on your TV, rather than the small screen of smartphone.

This will,

  1. Take Chintu away from the small screen to the big screen and protect his eyes.
  2. Also, Chintu will be happy as he will get to view his favourite rhymes and songs. Additionally, madam can also play various Bollywood songs and make her lazy afternoons an energetic one once Chintu is put to sleep.
  3. You can even have a party at home while asking Google Home to play romantic songs and even have a Netflix night out watching Lust Stories on TV with the aid of Chromecast. (chuckles)
  4. Also, you can also heat up your, you know… (winks) by keeping a tab on your health by wearing a smart wearable such as a smartwatch or a fitness band. So, you can compete with each other on a daily basis on who walked more number of steps, calories burnt per day and who slept the most.
  5. That’s not all! You can even make your home a smart home with having smart lights that function as per your mood, smart plugs, and switches which can help you to switch on the TV, turn off the fan while sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Chintu’s father was a bit dazed by the brazenness of the doctor but gathered enough courage to ask. “Umm… doctor, isn’t Chromecast a smart home device?”

Yes, it is! I must say, you’re a smart dad! Replied the doctor with a glee on her face.

So, the first thing you guys have to do is, download the Flipkart app on your smartphones, if you haven’t yet and buy all the smart devices that will make Chintu’s and your lives a smart one. Got it?

Yes, said Chintu’s parents in unison and looked at each other with a content smile on their faces.

“Aise doctor sabko mile“, replied Chintu’s dad before leaving the doctor’s clinic.

“Aisa beta sabko mile” replied the doctor and both his mom and dad walked away from the doctor’s clinic happily.

This post has been written in collaboration with Indiblogger for the #GetFitWithFlipkart &#SmartHomeRevolution campaign.