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New Year Resolution
New Year Resolution – Rrohan Kachalia

In this fast-paced life, we often tend to run behind material things that give us immense pleasure and satisfaction in the eyes of society. We are too busy in order to achieve these goals, that we leave behind plenty of things such as the kid’s first sports day in school or even wishing a loved one on his/her birthday.

Even I am somewhat guilty of doing the same. I realised it when my little one pestered me to come and cheer him on annual sports day. Sadly, I couldn’t attend which left me bitter throughout the day. It pinched me hard and that’s when I decided that if I cannot be present on such important occasions, then I need to create such occasions.

So how can I or rather we create such occasions?

We can create such occasions by staying in the present and enjoying each and every moment that is in front of us.

So, even though I missed my kiddo’s annual sports day, I cherished the happenings of the event by having a 2-minute small talk with him. The way he expressed his sadness on losing the race, the glitter on his face upon receiving a gift and his constant harping on not winning made me relieve that 1 hour which I had missed.

During that moment, I understood that kids require someone to be emotionally accessible to them. So now I even participate in his imaginative play and games, thereby spending some time with him.

Spending time with my kiddo helped me to widen my thinking horizon due to the questions posed by him. Also, it helped me to reduce screen time drastically. So, nowadays, I plan my mornings and afternoon accordingly and try to wind up all my work and blogging commitments prior to reaching home from work.

So, it means killing two birds with one stone. Isn’t that amazing?

Thus, with my New Year resolutions of enjoying the moments in life and spending more and more time with my kiddo, I hope that I’ll be able to grow up the smarter one into a lot smarter one.

So, this is my New Year resolution. What’s yours? Please share!

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