A constant loud rasping knock at the door woke me up from my deep sleep. The lights flickered and then came back to normal. In that split second, I chanced upon viewing the clock. It showed 1 A.M.

The knock grew louder and louder. I shrieked. The lightning flared like the strike of a burning meteor. My groggy eyes were wide awake now.

‘Who is it?’ I posed a question in my brittle voice.

There was no answer. Rather there was pin drop silence. Just at that moment, lightning crisscrossed the turbulent sky, followed by a boom of thunder. It sent a shudder of thunder right up my spine.

And the rasping knock started again, this time even louder than before.

So, I collected all my confidence with chants of OM and opened the door slowly without peeking through the keyhole.

“Open the door quickly.”

I heard a voice which I recognized instantly and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh, Tania it is you. Come on in quickly and by the way, you just scared the hell out of me!” He managed to speak.

“Did I?” Came a reply from the maggot-filled chunks of bloody flesh, with saliva drooping in red that accentuated against the pearly white skin and maniacal eyes that burned with madness.

I was left stunned looking at the figure in front of me.

Before I could react, I sensed a grotesque pain in my arm and blood being sucked lavishly.

Finally, we’ll live together or rather drink together.

My Lover
My Lover

This post is written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu and Priya.