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Cycle of Dreams
Cycle of Dreams

Ramesh was livid and seething in anger. He ran in the lookout for his cycle to his right, to his left and every possible lane he could see. But he couldn’t find his love, his cycle. It was his sole possession and he loved riding on it to the core.

At a loss for what to do next, he bared his heart out and wailed before taking the long walk back to his home. Although he was optimistic by nature, he was losing hope. With barely any energy left, he simply crashed on the cot after reaching home.

Next morning, with a heavy heart he told everything to his mom. He narrated how he lost the apple of his eye and how even after a long search he could not find it. His mom calmed him by giving a warm hug as she knew how much he loved his cycle. She comforted him by saying that Almighty will gift him a brand new cycle soon.

A month later, a lovely surprise welcomed Ramesh. He was on cloud nine.

Hard work eventually paid off for Shanti as she received that much-deserved bonus.

Living from hand-to-mouth, working as a help at a corporate office eventually liberated her as she finally started watching dreams for herself and her son again.

This post is written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu and Priya.