Walking on the Path of Indie Publishing by Rubina Ramesh

 This booklet is temporarily pulled down and will be available soon. In the meantime, if you want to get a copy of the booklet, you can write to the author and ask for a copy at [email protected]

Now that you have decided to become an Indie author, here are a few tools you will need. 

The Topics covered are: 

1. What it takes to be an indie author 

2. Why have you chosen this path? 

3. Components of Indie Publishing 

4. Tools needed for writing. 

5. The Big Eight Brothers of Social Media 

6. Facebook Marketing: Promotional not Ad. 

7. Checklist for Facebook Marketing before your book is published: 

8. The Other Platforms for Marketing 

9. How to start a newsletter? 

10. Different forms of editing. 

11. The art of Cover Making 

12. Formatting of Manuscript 

13. Sample copyright page. 

14. Contacting reviewers 

15. Mind-Blowing Cover Designers’ links 

16. Hashtags for Instagram Marketing and Twitter Marketing 

17.100 Facebook Groups to start off with your Book Marketing 

Hope this book is beneficial to the new authors out there. I, for one, learned a lot while writing and researching about it. 

Email to the author to get a copy of this book

[email protected]

Review: Walking on the path of Indie Publishing is aimed at those who prefer or is willing to choose the Indie path of publishing their books. So, if you are planning to be the whole and sole director of your book, then this book by Rubina Ramesh is a must read. It has all the essentials required to gear you up to being a successful indie author.

The book is a toolkit which I’d prefer when I plan to be an indie author as the author has covered each and every aspect of indie publishing, right from marketing on social media sites to the finer details and importance of editing, beta reading, and proofreading.

Also, if all the above wasn’t enough, the toolkit includes a goldmine for all the authors – Facebook pages where an indie author can promote their books. Isn’t this something each and every author would love to know to better their book marketing strategies?

So, do not wait. Just grab this book and start practicing all the advises if you wish to be a successful indie author.