It was his third drink and in no way was he mildly inebriated.His eyes were darting across the couple who were burning the dance floor, particularly Shifa, his ex.

He finished his remaining drink and somehow managed to find his way towards her. You can call him brave as he managed to walk without stumbling and hitting across other guests at the new year party.

At first, he danced sober. But within minutes, he showed his wild side. Shifa did not mind him dancing in front of them, but it angered her fiance. They decided to move away from him. But he followed them wherever they would move.

This infuriated Shifa’s fiance. He was about to land him a blow on his face, but Shifa somehow managed to pacify him, as she wanted no fights on the new year’s eve.

He did not relent and attracted many eyeballs for his dirty dance. He made the two move left, right and centre before eventually taking the exit route.

Soon after, he straightened himself, walked towards the center, stood on one of the tables and blurted out aloud, “A slight fun at the expense of my ex made my new year party super duper fun.

How’s it going for you? Enjoying?

“I loved that dance of yours”.

“Me too.”

“Me as well.”

He kept hearing the voices till they cheered for him and mimicked his dance steps.

It evoked a chuckle from him. “That’s great. Enjoy yourself as the drinks are on me.”

His words were welcomed with thunderous claps from hundreds of patrons at his restobar.

Written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu and Priya