Wild Things by Leena Saldanha
Wild Things by Leena Saldanha
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Author: Leena Saldanha
Genre: Poetry
Price: INR 299
No. of pages: 298

Blurb: Wild Things is a book that compels you to participate in it. There is a visceral quality of writing that makes you feel the poems in your bones and your stomach and perhaps even your little toe. Every poem pushes you out of your comfort zone; draws you out into the vast wilderness of raw, untameable honesty; teases you into throwing off the shackles of convention and habit and the illusion of security. Step into the pages of Wild Things and be prepared to live naked. The terrain is rugged, the wind whips through your hair, your eyes water a little as the rain stings them – but you are gloriously, completely alive. Wild Things is about what lies outside the cage. And about giving us the courage to break the bars; and live like we were meant to – tall, proud and fiercely free.

Review: The book Wild Things by Leena Saldanha comprises of pristine 86 poems divided into 4 parts namely Deserts, Forests, Mountains and Oceans. Each and every poem portrays an underlying current of the parts to which they belong. The beauty of every poem is that it flows so effortlessly like a cool evening breeze, but has the vision to get into our nerves and wreck havoc. Some of the couplets and poems are so powerful (which I’ll mention later) that it made me pause, think and contemplate, so much so that I even re-read them again and again till it sinked within me. And I believe, this is what a good poem should always do. So kudos to the poetess for having a vision and portraying it wonderfully through an eclectic set of fabulous poems.

Leena’s poem has struck a chord with me as most of the poems seem like little pieces of the inner voice screaming, where some tell the harsh reality of life, some travel through the lanes of love and lost, some are the songs of light and some throw light on the plight of animal-like things we as humans do. The fluidity of both diction and thought becomes the strength of this book.

It is difficult to pick a favourite poem or two as I loved them all. However, below are a few which made a lasting impact on me.

Few lines from the poem 'India's Daughter'

I have
been treated like a 
by the people on
India's streets
Or for that matter
by the people in
India's homes.

I am not a 
in my country
I am not even a 

I am a label
A relationship
I am 

In your mind

The other poems which I loved are ‘Cotton Wool Monsters’, ‘First Love’, ‘Hypocrites’, ‘Terror’, ‘Lessons’, and ‘Storytelling’ to name a few.

Overall: You’ve got to read this book of poems. I’ve read it once, often slept over a few pages, dwelled upon it and even read it again. Such was the impact that it left on me.

Ratings: 4/5*

About the author:
Leena Saldanha is a poet (obviously), entrepreneur (reluctantly),storyteller (joyously) and self-anointed closet saint. No one believes the saint bit. But she tells anyone who’ll listen that that’s a situational hazard of staying in the closet. She is an accomplished speaker, trainer and anchor with hundreds of workshops, live shows and events under her belt. She writes on a wide range of subjects, but she is most passionate about giving voice to the stories of the muted, the strangled, the muzzled and the muffled. Her day job is to run a successful brand consultancy. By night she sleeps the sound sleep of the innocent. Watch out for the unearthly early pre-dawn hours though. That’s when the madness takes over and she writes as if her life depended on it. Wild Things is her second book of poems.And she’s only just getting started.

Wild Things by Leena Saldanha
Leena Saldanha