Exploring the world, interacting with unknowns, understanding their culture and tasting their cuisine… oh boy! we all would love to do that for our entire lives, right? Discovering new terrain, getting acclimatized to the weather and environs for a few days, then packing the bags and off to another destination. Woo-hoo! who wouldn’t love to do it?


Just at the thought of exploring the world and writing about it, my excitement levels are rising. Just imagine, if something like this really happened. What if, just out of the blue, for some reason, you get an opportunity just to explore the world and tick your bucket list. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Alas, I am here, slogging my ass to live a respectable life earning some thousands. Then, I pay some of them for a nice family time, spend a little more and again slog my ass so that I can explore another destination. But, what if, this entire system of money was abolished? What if, we get back to the age-old barter system? You do the work, and in barter get a ticket to explore the world.

So, you’ve created a mind-blowing pitch and in return, your boss agrees to send you to Andaman for a week. Thus, you complete a set list of tasks and based on the quality of work, you are awarded a list of things to choose from as a barter. The entire economy would be running on barter and a person like me who loves to explore the world would #SayYesToTheWorld and would definitely be on cloud nine. And so would many like me.

Few years down the line, I would have then mastered my field of work and a time would come when my boss gets super se bhi upar wala happy, and give me a chance to visit a place, unknown to me. It can be a trip to Moon through a Tesla or it can be an underwater voyage and stay at a 5-star property for a week. It can be the biggest thing to ever happen in my life.

I’d definitely not be striking my bucket list but adding a new destination and alongside it, a detailed narration of my enriching experience as #TheBlindList.