The Spy

The Spy – Image courtesy – Yinglan

A beam of light from the projector and TV screen was sufficient to lit the room. A dejected face was staring at the screen.

Her presentation the other day won hearts, but not the contract. 

“How, dammit, how!” She banged her hand hard on the table reflecting her state of mind. How could the deal fail when the talks were fruitful? Why did they not sign the contract? Plenty of such questions were running through her mind and she could not find answers to them.

Just then, with a pop, a small antenna emerged from the milk carton which she had carried along on her son’s insistence. 

This is the presentation prepared by her. It’s all yours.

Thanks. Here’s your money.

She heard the voices and it left her cold. She went numb for a few seconds but composed herself. 

“Hello, get my divorce papers ready”, bossed Monica.

“That’s what you are made of, strength and courage”, said her teenage genius walking inside the conference room.

Monica nodded battling tears of lost love.

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