The fall

The fall

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I was at home, lying on the freshly cleaned sheets, and pretending to read a book which seemed old but new to me. A breeze of cool air wafted through the open window. It ruffled a few pages of the book, but that didn’t bother me.

I was lost, lost in her thoughts. Her thoughts warmed me up from the inside so much so that I didn’t bother to wear any warm clothing. The bell of the oven also didn’t ring in my head. I was so deep in her thoughts.

Is our relationship blooming like a spring? Are we settling into each other’s warmth and looking ahead in unison to embrace a change in our lives just like autumn? I wondered.

Meanwhile, the lights kept on flickering. The earth started to move. First at the snail’s pace and then vehemently. 

Little did I knew that even earth was shedding away some of the sins engineered by the humans through an earthquake. 

I now lay under the debris, not fighting for survival, but for the fall of man’s blatant environment violations and the rise of an era where environment comes first.

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