The Dilapidated Shit

The Dilapidated Structure

In the hallway, they saw a corridor with several doors leading off it. Everything in the hall was covered in dust, as though no one had touched it for a hundred years. 

The cobwebs added a grotesque glamour to the dilapidated structure.

This entire structure seems eerie to me, whispered Tony. There is nothing as eerie as your laughter, retorted Soniya and mimicked his laughter.

That was gross. To hell with you, Soniya. He ran towards one of the doors, leaving Soniya behind. Just then, the lights flickered and in that split second he felt footsteps rushing towards him. 

The soft breeze of rush blew his strands of hair. 

How did you do that? Tony stammered as he somehow managed to maintain his balance with legs quivering. His mind was trying to figure out how did Soniya reach so quickly beside him.

Before he could register a thing, he heard a loud knock at the door next to him. 

Relax Tony, said Soniya and held his hand tightly. 

He felt it. Her palms were cold as the winter snow. At the back, the wind howled.

He felt his breathing to be heavy. He saw shadows dancing in front of him and his eyes burned like embers in a flame. 

At the very next moment, with a thundering roar, the door opened itself and pulled Tony and only Tony inside, leaving Soniya behind.

An evil grin was seen on her face.

Maa Durga had landed on Earth to finish what’s irking the women on earth.


#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

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