Hope or Despair

Hope or Despair – Pic Courtesy – Pixabay


The clock tower was radiating. The delicate and skilled craft on its wall sparkled with the falling rays of the sun. The canal was pristine; calm and composed. 

But, the clouds had a different game on its mind. It seemed monstrous with grey cover growing on the city and spreading across the horizon at a speed of light. 

The people around the vicinity were petrified, as it was the first time they were witnessing two contrasting things at the same time – probably good and evil in the form of sun and clouds respectively.

The earth started to shake. For a few seconds, it seemed like someone was pushing the buildings laboriously. And the very next moment, it felt like bulldozers trying hard to pull the buildings down. 

Suddenly it stopped.

The banging windows, the cries, the screams, all died down. Silence had engulfed the entire vicinity. 

Faraway, in one of the buildings within the vicinity, a cry was heard.

“Maybe a devil is born”, she mumbled in despondency.

“Maybe a God is born”, she countered her mom in a sanguine tone.


Written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya


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