Hell-O-Ween?! Shipra exclaimed! 

Hell yeah, Hell-O-Ween, darling! Mahak mimicked Shipra and both laughed.

What fun will it be to dress in scary costumes and turn up at the office Halloween party! Shilpa replied the two on con-call and the trio chatted excitedly.

As decided, next evening, the trio reached the venue on time. The entrance just had a lamp which flickered every few seconds and had a signboard that read ‘Welcome’.

That’s funny, acknowledged an upbeat Shipra.

I have a ghostly feeling about this. Mahak shrieked a little, batted her eyelids and stood still looking at Shipra and Shilpa.

You and your melodrama, Shilpa quipped shaking her head and the trio entered the venue with glee on their faces.

A soft breeze and the flickering on lamps welcomed them inside as the door shut behind with a loud thud.

The trio clenched their hands. They felt chilled to the bones. Not a single voice of their colleagues was heard. “Were they even there?” But they braved it.

Drip, drip, drip. Their ear buds were treated magnificently to the sound every few seconds.

Their nostrils were greeted with the sweet pungent coppery smell. 

Look, guys, we should return. I don’t like it here, said a shivering Mahak.

Yes, we should, Shipra agreed and they turned around towards the door.

Just then, lights went on. 

To their horror, they saw their colleagues hanging upside down, body parts chewed upon hurriedly and blood dripping down. 

Welcome to Hell-O-Ween, girls!! Exclaimed Shilpa and darkness engulfed the room. 


#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya

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