My Fitness Journey To Stay In Shape

My Fitness Journey To Stay In Shape

Whoever has seen me or know me will definitely express a surprise after reading the title. Why? Coz I look slim and healthy. And on that basis, I am not required to curb my eating habits. I can enjoy sweets, junk fund and binge on almost anything and everything.

But, the secret that no one knows, which everyone will know now, is that I was so slim that people used to laugh at me, make jokes on my weight. So much so, that someone even told me that “If you’d have been a girl, you’d be perfect for any guy.” That probably was the tipping point and I said enough is enough. I took it seriously and the next day was me hitting the gym.

I started off enthusiastically. With a right guidance and good training, I managed to gain some weight. SOME – around 3 kgs in 3 months. Well, you’d say that it’s not a bad start. I agree to it. It could have been better, I know it for sure. Coz going to the gym early morning was like…



I somehow persisted with it for a year where I managed to gain a decent amount of weight and muscles. Post which, I concentrated on the diet. 

I am not a person who maintains the amount of calorie intake in my diet. However, in my opinion, it’s important to enjoy what you eat and that somehow reflects on your body and face. 

Initially, I was advised to eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water. This advice has stayed with me till date. So I eat a banana daily for breakfast and occasionally some seasonal fruits. Alongside, I have a glass of milk or a bowl of oats. Sometimes, I even have banana oats milkshake. This helps me to start my day on a healthy note. I also make a regular habit to drink water every 45 minutes and ensure I have roughly around 2.5 to 3 liters daily. Staying hydrated helps me to beat stress, anxiety and also keeps me away from hunger pangs.


In between breakfast and lunch, when I feel the pang for that ‘Choti Bhook’ I have a handful of nuts and raisins. They are a rich source of energy and nutrients and helps to maintain good hemoglobin levels, sugar levels as well as cholesterol. 

When it comes to lunch, I’ve always tried to have a healthy homemade lunch which consists of 4 rotis, a bowl of dal, vegetables, and salads. I avoid rice on weekdays as it makes me dizzy while at work, so I have a small quantity on weekends. 

Also, being on the thinner side, I also revel my daily dose of caffeine through 2-3 cups of either tea or coffee depending on my mood. 

Tea and Coffee Meme

Tea and Coffee Meme

My dinners are usually on the heavy side as I do not have evening snacks. And again, it mostly includes rotis or parathas with some vegetables. 

Of course, there is regular wear and tear of my body and to keep it well oiled I have a daily 45-minute walk. 

In a nutshell, the above routine has helped me to maintain my weight over the years and keep me on the slimmer side.

On the other hand, being on the right side of 30, I am still figuring out a diet which helps me to keep my bones stronger. What do you suggest?


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