Payback - Final Part

Payback – Final Part


This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 7 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1part 2part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7 before you continue reading.


Beauteous planet

Oozing with Humanity

Bringing lordly shame


The mountain oasis

Offering less shelter

Damaging menace


Time for the evil

Rest peacefully forever

Divinity strikes



The similar stony silence persisted to exist as tears of complete distraught, frustration and apathy wailed through the entire room. Restlessness had increased day by day as they eagerly awaited some news of their daughter Parvati who had been missing since the last two years. And also missing were the three other girls from various parts of the city who had faced similar sort of harassment either in the form of stalking or molesting or raping or all.

Many theories were doing rounds about those four girls including Parvati that they must have been kidnapped or murdered or traded. But there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude any of them. Crimes against women were at an all-time high and so was the haughtiness of the men. They started conferring supremacy over other sex and outraging the modesty of women at their whims and fancies irrespective of the time and place. Sometimes even their own homes were not proving to be a safe heaven for them. Such was the deteriorating condition of the women in the most advanced age of mankind one can ever imagine.

Shumbha was nowhere to be found and so was Ambika. The training centre where they were last seen was standing tall without a single evidence of land giving away, making way for Shumbha to infuse under the land or Mother Earth’s fury for that matter. Each and everything was at its place and the bullet fired by Ambika also found a way to slip away from everyone’s vision. Sketches were released; prize money was announced for anyone who gives any information on them. Strange but true that nothing of this sort happened when all the four girls suddenly disappeared – No sketches, no prize money for giving any information and alas no information. Strange. And at the same time familiar and used to things for the common man but not for the Commissioner of Police alias Mr. Status alias Father of Shumbha, one who commands power and has many influential contacts in variety of circles. It was only because of his influence that he could get Shumbha known as the best shooter and get him into coaching selected candidates. But even that didn’t work in front of His divinity. As it is rightly said ‘A dog’s tail can never be straightened’ and ‘The price for your wrong deeds has to be paid someday or other.’

A knock at the door prodded Parvati’s mother to come out of her reverie to check at the door – A Reverie that of her most beautiful and the cherished memories with her daughter. She didn’t notice anyone through the keyhole. Parvati smiled at the little prank that she was playing on her mother. She thought of continuing with the prank but then realised the amount of work she has at her hands that she rubbished her plan and called out for her parents.

‘Aai, Baba.’ They heard Parvati’s, their daughter’s voice calling them. They ignored, claiming it to be the result of their devastated mind as they started sobbing profusely. Wanting to be in front of them and unable to see her parent’s plight and suffering, Parvati called them for the second time. The beautiful sunny sky outside suddenly turned into dark grey and started pouring heavily. The calm breeze twisted upon visioning the change and began to blow into a fierce and ominous gush. The leaves and the branches swayed to the tunes of the wind signalling the onset of good times instead of the opposite. The entire room started sparkling amid all the grey surrounding the milieu and humanity.

As they heard the voice for the second time, they turned towards the direction of the voice only to find the same kind of glint that was once visible in the eyes of Parvati and Ambika that illuminated the surroundings. They stood stunned upon seeing the face and the person standing in front of their eyes, in centre of the room. All their tears vanished as they bowed in front of Goddess Durga herself. They blinked their eyes twice to make sure they are actually sighted by The Mother of the Universe and bowed once again, this time with a full stretch of the body to offer their prayers. The environment and the climate outside changed once again to what it was before, quiet and sunny as they heard their daughter calling out for the third time.

They raised their head and stood up to find their daughter Parvati, standing tall at the same place where they had the utmost privilege to sight The Mother of the Universe. Baffled at what they are seeing, Parvati, without any offer to answer their puzzled look rushed towards them and hugged them tight. ‘Your daughter is here, your world is here!’ She exclaimed as they kissed her all over the face, thanking the almighty and the Mother of the Universe. They were just about to utter something that they realised she was gone, vanished into the thin air as if it’s some magic.

Similar sort of environment or rather magic or rather the Almighty’s magic was witnessed by the parents of other three girls at their respective homes.

An illusion of their own child was created in front of the each and every parent’s eyes with the combined immortal powers of all the four girls who are now in the form of The Mother of the Universe. This was done just to end their parents’ misery and sufferings so that they can live the rest of their lives in peace and with all smiles with the belief that their daughters are alive.

Parvati in the form of Goddess Durga roared like a tiger with a renewed vengeance, ready to eliminate the dirty elements of the society after successfully eliminating her tormentor, the stalker, Shumbha. It’s the start of ‘The Payback’ for all the dirty sins committed by the inhumane nature of the men which has started creeping into this wonderful society that was crafted carefully and with lots of love.

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