Payback - part 6

Payback – part 6

This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 6 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1part 2part 3, part 4 and part 5 before you continue reading.


Ambika’s mind applauded her valiant effort and she could feel the patting of her back. Aware of Shumbha’s proximity and his fingers getting close trying to feel the wetness, she stood up like nothing has happened to her, nudging Shumbha to back off from his bravery. She looked straight into his eyes and he was taken aback. Her eyes sparkled like a huge diamond in the sky that could give some complexity to the moon. He felt to be surrounded by lots and lots of glowing materials around him but then brushed it aside as a figment of his weird imagination upon seeing the gorgeous beauty give a seductive million dollar smile. Ambika again took her position, stood exactly in a similar manner as before but this time allowed her radiant long tresses to breathe and play with her silky skin.

Shumbha was watching it from behind and upon seeing her loosening her tresses was all the more tempted to be by her side and cup her in his strong chiseled muscular arms. The way she looked from behind with her tresses open and falling on her shoulders reminded him of someone. Someone who looked exactly similar to her when she left her long hair open, wailing to kiss the air. It was on his mind as he could never ever forget her but for the face and her name.

‘You want such a beautiful lady to be seen with all the bruises on her hand and shoulder, don’t you’? She turned around and raised her eyebrow.

‘No. I ju.. just recollected the warning you gave me some time back.’ He said with a straight face although the currents had started to flow underneath. She ignored his words and signaled to come and help her. He was more than happy to help her and increase his chances to see her naked in his bed, use her and then forget her upon finding a new one. Shumbha paced towards her like an obedient puppy although there were only a few steps to make, giving a cunning smile with his imaginations running wild.

Shumbha positioned a few centimeters behind her, feeling the playful warmth of her long tresses, emanating a beautiful flowery fragrance, perfect for him to acknowledge his arousal. He wrapped both his hands around her to support her right hand from the bottom. He was approximately an inch closer to her ears and she could clearly feel his breath fall on her ears. Being a tad out of the line, he moved in slightly to be exactly behind her, just popping his head out for a better vision.

Cunningly, aware of his erection, he moved closer to try rubbing it on her hips and enjoy some unheeded pleasure as she was busy taking the aim. The corners of his eager and ever twitching lips curled into a wicked smile. Unable to control himself, he released his hands that were forming the support and started exploring the curves around her waist. His fingers moaned to let it unbutton her completely.

‘More.’ She left a soft vivacious whisper and in a second the pistol was down in front of her as he started cupping her. He could feel her erect nipples waiting to be tasted and sucked. She moaned. He started unbuttoning her shirt with his one hand and jeans by the other. He pulled the shirt out of her hands and pushed the jeans to lay at the bottom with his shoes. The negligee was taken off her shoulders just by a slither of his thumb indicating his mastery at the art. His eyes gleamed upon seeing Ambika’s completely naked back. His face burst up with enthusiasm. He once again cupped her breasts and started kissing frantically on her shoulders, nape, and bareback and almost everywhere where his lips could reach.

There was lust seen in his eyes. All the while Ambika had that same kind of sparkle in her eyes that it had some time back. But this time Shumbha couldn’t see it as he was not facing her and moreover he was busy in satisfying his carnal needs.


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