PAYBACK - Part 5

PAYBACK – Part 5

This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 5 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1part 2, part 3 and part 4 before you continue reading.


She took a small pistol in her hand, placed a finger near the trigger, and revolved it like a child using the same finger of hers. Simultaneously she pulled Shumbha’s right hand behind to his back, lifted her right foot, and placed it on his right leaving him in complete shock with piercing pain in his right foot. She pulled the trigger once, twice but Shumbha stood perfectly although in pain.

‘You dumb head, what are you doing? Don’t you even know that you require bullets to kill someone’? A scandalized Shumbha managed to speak somehow.

‘Exactly. Next time there wouldn’t be an empty gun in my hand if you think that I will be an easy nut to crack to take to bed,’ she warned. Though she wanted to do something analogous, something untamed and electrifying just as Shumbha had thought of, she didn’t want it to be evident. But what they were unaware of was the hardening of their bodies upon coming in so close to each other.

She loosened the grip of his hand and stood aside giving him ample space to flex his arms and groan in pain. He didn’t utter a single word but got the message that it will be tough. ‘I like challenges and challenges like these is what I have always craved for – Tender from insides and hard from the front.’ He smiled sheepishly acknowledging her warning.

‘From what I have experienced now, you please go and start practicing yourself. If the need arises I will come to guide you.’ He ordered her and stood a little bit far away from her only to admire her svelte figure from behind.

Ambika took the basic .22 pistol from the consortium of various arms and ammunition placed on the table, loaded it, and took a perfect stance, ready to aim and fire. She gave him the most erect posture a trainee can ever give to him, with her head straight, eyes narrowing for the perfect aim with her long earrings dangling sweetly to her moves and the long and straight hair enhancing her beauty. Admiring this svelte figure from behind, Shumbha was already dying to take her to bed and satisfy his carnal needs. Semen was already in the active mode as soon as his eyes fell on hers and upon admiring her back and long legs they were just ready to erupt like a burning volcano waiting to show the world how eager and heated the lava is.

Ambika placed her right hand forward holding the pistol in front of her but didn’t use her left hand to support the right from the bottom. You may call it overconfidence but it was not. She knew what she was doing and in a jiffy pulled the trigger. The impact was such that it pushed her almost three steps behind from where she was standing with a kick in her right hand and shoulder. Seeing her fall on her knees throbbing and holding her right shoulder with her left hand, Shumbha rushed to comfort her immediately. He wrapped his right hand on her hurt shoulder, rubbing it to ease the pain and his left hand on her bent knees, playing along the uncharted lines, crossing the boundaries just like a soldier meddling along the LOC, inviting for some action and reaction.

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