PAYBACK - Part 4

PAYBACK – Part 4

This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 3 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1part 2, and part 3 before you continue reading.


‘Are you not aware that the admission date is way past over, Madan?

‘I am aware sir. But she says she has a letter for her admission and the date of joining mentioned is today. I have checked’, replied Madan.

‘What if the letter might be a fake one? You know that there have been many such cases in the past and we have to be pretty sure about it’, countered Shumbha.

‘This isn’t a fake letter’, yelped Ambika. She was fuming when she barged into the practice hall, knowing that entering without knocking on the door before is not so good a manner, but still she went ahead. ‘You are ignoring the state’s order’? Fumed Ambika with a complete distraught evident on her face.

‘What! The order is from the state’? It was Shumbha’s turn to mimic the expression which was a few seconds earlier evident on Ambika’s face. Madan simply nodded without meeting his gaze. A tinge of smile left Ambika’s face as she was relieved that she would get to learn shooting under the expert guidance of Shumbha – The best shooter the county has ever produced, now coaching new talents. She had anticipated that it would be a cakewalk to get admission into the state’s only shooting learning institute, all thanks to the fake state letter that she had procured, guaranteeing her the best result. But that too without any sort of questioning and arguing was not at all anticipated by her.

‘Follow me’, he said as he ordered Madan to shut the door and leave.

Ambika followed Shumbha’s footsteps leading to a well-furnished cabin in one of the corners of the hall bearing sound proof glasses. There weren’t many shooters practicing and hence the voice of people speaking was perfectly audible at that time but still, he chose to take her to his cabin. ‘Exactly what I wanted, she muttered to herself as her eyes gleamed in excitement.’

‘Get ready for your session to start. Wear all these gears for your safety and I’ll see you outside at the shooting range.’ He handed a safety and precautionary manual to her before leaving the room.

‘Wow! Such a beautiful lady was following and standing in front of him and he didn’t even have a glance at her!’ No one was as disrespectful to her as him, she thought, leaving her alone and now completely flummoxed. ‘Is there a mistake here’? Her mind questioned her but within a split second, she silenced her mind with a clear no.

Ambika was out there in no time with all the precautionary accessories worn as per the guidance given in the safety manual. Shumbha stood there at a distance, holding few papers in his hand, trying hard not to get affected by the persona that he has just seen by sneaking glances on the pretext of reading some important papers. ‘It’s going to be a great start to the day!’ He chuckled.

‘Ambika, that’s a nice name’, he exclaimed with a child-like glint on his face. That is only for the learners. Experienced can understand what that glint meant on his face. ‘Thank you, Shumbha. And so is yours’, she left a forced smile hoping that it doesn’t get caught. ‘So let’s get started’, he said as he held her hand and took her to the ammunition counter where guns and bullets were placed out on the table. The fragrance of her proximity, style and her attitude coupled with seductive enticing looks especially her long silky hair was all that was needed to fall head over heels over her. Or rather bury into the deep insides of her, exploring and cherishing the new contours just as one explores and cherishes the new place one has just visited.


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