PAYBACK - Part 3

PAYBACK – Part 3

This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 3 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1 and part 2 before you continue reading.


Ambika was getting late. She hailed a taxi, gave the directions, and stared at her small oval-shaped mirror. Eyes – done. Eyebrows-nicely shaped and done. Cheekbone-done. Lips-done. She made a mental note of each and everything she had to check and finally noticing her always- so- perfect look and makeup gave a million dollar smile staring at the mirror.

But not satisfied with it, as today being the most important day in her life, she continued to check and re-check everything. Attire-perfect. Earrings perfect match. Shoes polished. Hair neatly tied to a ponytail. Satisfied with her over the top or rather most beautiful of looks she left a wicked smile. ‘I am coming’, she muttered to herself. The driver was more than happy to have a passenger like her as her looks mesmerized him for the plenty that he missed bumping into few other cars by a whisker.

‘Don’t think that I am a fool and you can take me for a ride.’ Ambika erupted out of nowhere, her eyes piercing his through the rearview mirror. ‘Yes, Ma a..a… madam. I was just taking a..’, his voice barely reaching her. She interrupted before he could manage to complete. ‘A shortcut’, she completed. ‘I know what you are up to. Just take me straight to the address or I will scream.’ Sorry was all that he could reply as he accelerated to the destination without even looking once at her through the rear view mirror. Whoever you are, whatever you do always keep your eyes, ears, and all the sensory organs wide open is what she practiced to perfection.

She then set her eyes on what she felt was the best option to attract men – her buxom. She teased the driver with her constant fondling and adjusting of her shirt, sometimes squeezing for her own pleasure or unbuttoning few to leave a glimpse of her soft, pulpy, and fiery cleavage.

She crossed her eyes with one eye enjoying the beauty of her effervescent skin and the other gauging the driver’s reaction. None was the reaction as she had expected it to be. He had passed this litmus test with flying colours and glory which majority would have failed or rather succumbed to the once in a lifetime event called death. ‘God bless you’, she muttered under her breath as she straightened herself enjoying the early morning breeze.

She handed a thousand rupee note to him. He grimaced. ‘Sorry, madam. I don’t have the necessary change for a thousand rupee note. ‘Never mind, she said and continued, all yours. Enjoy and take care.’ And she hurried through the security scanner to the main gate of the building. Within minutes she was out of his sight as he blessed her and his good fortune and left in search of another passenger.


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