This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter‘s #MyFriendAlexa. You are reading part 2 of the story. It is advisable to read the part 1 before you continue reading.

PAYBACK - Part 2

PAYBACK – Part 2

They were just recovering from the few minutes of terror that they had just witnessed when all hell broke loose. The telephone rang again. The sound of the bell ringing set the heartbeats racing with hypertension written all over their faces. As her father was just about to pick the receiver, a loud thud of someone smashing the door from outside was heard.

Concurrent sounds of the telephone bell ringing and the smashing of the door brought the entire family on their knees as the sounds refused to fade. Amid the cacophony, her mother with a spark of brilliance ran towards the kitchen and brought along a kitchen knife with sharp edges only to throw it from the window and wave frantically for help, so that the passersby can get a hint of someone being in trouble.

But this moment of brilliance soon turned out to be futile as she saw a group of few youngsters standing below with rods and sticks signalling to move back or face dire consequences. Tears of helplessness rolled down her cheeks as she fell on her knees looking towards the sky.

The sounds of terror continued to lash till they were satisfied but it was only after good fifteen minutes that it eventually faded. Those fifteen minutes were sufficient to land a final blow to Parvati’s courage and her determination to fight.

The two-month-long ordeal and harassment had taken a toll on her physically and psychologically. It was a brutal fight of mental resilience between her, the stalker, and the system, with the stalker and the system at one hand and Parvati at the other. An indelible mark had been left on her tender heart and loving soul.

The cacophony of sounds witnessed sometime back was replaced with an eerie silence, a part of which the entire family was familiar with, and the other part in anticipation of something much more worse than before.

Winds whipped her tresses as she stood near the window of her bedroom gazing at the stars. For the first time in the past two months there was a speck of smile on her face, a smile that could send hearts racing and thumping but instead, it aptly gave a tight slap on the face of silence.

The eerie and the stony silence that had become the hallmark of each and every wall were now shown the door and the walls now seemed to smile a jubilant smile reclaiming to be back to life-like before. There was a never seen spark in her eyes that gleamed much more in a way that could make the stars and the moon die of shame. Something good had happened to her as she was almost back to her normal self – chirpy and happy. She then pulled a chair and placed it in front of her study table after locking the door from inside. But little did her parents know that their world would soon stop beating forever. And with that, she sat to pen a poem with unfathomable pain, in crimson.

Vultures and leeches

Rapacious eyes gyrating

Helpless sitting ducks


Intentional feel

Unknown and gratuitous

Traumatized heart bleeds


Unceasing to die

Shadows of ruthless pursuit

Nightmares galore


The land of nightmares

Abode to my being



Hoping to be free

Driving towards the sky

Tattered soul departs

She barely managed to complete the poem keeping her senses alive as she sloshed her left wrist for the second time with the kitchen knife that she had taken along with her, oblivious to her parents. Blood kept oozing profusely, leaving her unconscious only to be welcomed by the Gods when her heart ceases to beat any further.