This is an 8 part short story written for Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa. You are reading the Part 1 of the story.

PAYBACK - Part 1

PAYBACK – Part 1

A stony silence had engulfed their entire home. Parvati’s parents were running short of ideas and machinery to tackle the gravest of the grave situation her entire family was facing. Every plea to help them was returned only with fake promises and assistance from various state agencies and authorities. Once an extrovert had now turned into a closed shell as every time they set to ask Parvati to at least speak her mind and heart was met with an obdurate refusal.

The silence was disturbed by the ringing of the telephone. All the grim and panic-ridden faces changed colours for the better in the hope of some concrete information from the police. – Probably a ray of hope and brightness amid all the gloom surrounding Parvati and her family. She paced to reach towards the telephone as her parents stood beside her to give the much-needed strength and support. Parvati picked up the receiver with an optimistic tone although fading rapidly with each ticking second.

Parvati: Hhh… Hello

Stalker: Hey darling! How have you been?

Upon hearing the voice, Parvati’s heart started to beat faster than usual as fear gripped her soul. How did he get our number? Who must have given it? Questions started to occupy her overused brain with no signs of getting any answers as she stood there agape. Her father, who was looking at her, snatched the receiver from her hand and was just about to answer when the doorbell rang.

‘Hello, hello. Who is it? Why don’t you speak up’? Blurted her father in anguish, ignoring the sound of the doorbell ringing. Parvati started to withdraw herself from the living room

towards her bedroom with terror written all over her face. She paused in between her path as the doorbell stopped ringing. Her father still continued to shout on top of his voice ignorant that the call has been disconnected. Her mother showing some extraordinary courage walked towards the main door to peek through the keyhole to check if anyone’s there. Fortunately, she couldn’t see anyone and indicated this with a sideways move of her face to Parvati and her father. This made her father realize that he had been speaking all through himself and he placed the receiver back.

Few minutes of silence passed by with all three of them coming closer to each other for a tight group hug, signalling to the cowards that they are not fazed by their antics. Not a word was uttered by any one of them. They knew that it won’t get over this easily but deep within their hearts there was a sense of warmth and proximity with a show of solidarity to fight it together come what may. It was only because of their tough mental strength and resolve to fight it together that they were successfully managing to stage a fight against this creep and those providing lip service and bizarre solutions. It was an extremely testing time for them, individually and as a family that one with a weak heart could have easily surrendered and embraced death meekly.


End of Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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