Give me five

Give me five


I was happy. He was happy. Seeing both of us happy, even she was happy. The happy times are here.

I love the kind of smile she usually gives when she is happy. I see an innocent child bubbling with joy each time she widens her dimpled cheeks.

I fell for her 8 years ago for the exact same reason and even now, I am falling head over heels! Just at that thought, my heart skips a beat.

She manages to arouse me at an inappropriate time. Jesus! Control, Rohan. I admonish myself.

Yet, I stay still watching her exchange a funny banter with our 4-year-old.

I hear the little one’s cackle and the missus say, ‘Give me five.’

The sound brought me to present. I am yet to recover from the five that landed on my face.