Millennials – You and I, a generation of youngsters and young adult who aims for big, better and best are one of the advertisements for social influence. In India, around 34% of the country’s population is one of the largest population of millennials and understanding their mindset is the key to growth and going forward.

Hence, Western Union a global brand known for easy transfer of money across borders and continents conducted a survey to understand the millennial mindset from across the globe. The survey was conducted from over 10,000 millennials from the age group of 20-36 years.

The findings showcased that the term ‘globalization’ holds key significance to the millennials. The drive to adopt globalization as a way of life, connect to millennials from across the world through technology and come together for a common cause is the key to a better future.

Some of the key findings from the survey include:

  1. 89% of Indian millennials agree that countries need to collaborate with one another and not compete with one another.
  2. 8/10 Indian millennials believe that a future with limitless movement around the world is empowering.
  3. 9/10 Indian millennials want to have a direct say on matters concerning global and national interests with technology playing a huge role.
  4. Majority of Indian millennials, as well as global, believe that social media has a critical role to play in fostering peace and uniting the world.
  5. 89% of Indian millennials believe that working or living in other countries unlocks opportunities for better education and jobs.
  6. A huge number of Indian millennials, 78% see themselves as global citizens.
Understanding Millennial Mindset

Understanding Millennial Mindset

To get a first-hand understanding of the findings and how it resonates with today’s millennials, Indiblogger invited me to be a part of a roundtable. 

The roundtable consisted of some really esteemed millennials: Sohini Rajola, Regional VP South Asia and Indo-China, Western Union, Pooja Dhingra, founder, and chef, Le 15 Patisserie, Karishma Mehta, founder, Human of Bombay, Himanshu Sehgal, founder, and Blogger. My Yellow Plate and Siddharth Shahani, Co-Founder and executive director at Indian School of Design & Innovation.

Understanding Millennial Mindset

Understanding Millennial Mindset

Sohini Rajola was the first to take the center stage as she shared the need to undertake this survey and study along with key highlights of the survey, as mentioned above. Subsequently, the stage was taken over by the witty host for the day Mr. Ankur Vengurekar, editor of technology at Tech2. He introduced us to the wonderful and distinguished millennials who have had plenty of stories to share which resonated with the overall findings from the survey.

Some of the stories shared by Karishma Mehta and Pooja Dhingra had the key ingredients of globalization, human touch, transfer of money to raise funds for a cause and to establish a setup for employment, and borderless environment. 

Overall, I was left amazed after hearing the stories that how globalization has really brought the world together, helping in eradicating social discrimination and making a positive impact on the challenges we face. 

PS: A special thanks to Pooja Dhingra for these amazing cupcakes.

Le 15 Patisserie - Pooja Dhingra

Le 15 Patisserie – Pooja Dhingra