Papa Bravest

Papa Bravest – Image courtesy: Pexels


A drop of fatigue trickles down

Drawers of restlessness bog me


An infinite set of toys and

Happiness lay scattered and

Converged respectively,

My shadow caresses you while

I arch and collect


My heart sings a song while my eyes rest

Finding a house to the calmness of gleefully sleeping you



The calm house has turned


My groggy eyes sense a hunger wail

Threatening to burst my drums


I rise in a jiffy and promise to make the tummy happy

Before the missus takes her tired and jaded self to kitchen


I have had enough practice

Of management, of riding a horse

Above a gorge on a windy cliff

And not babysitting trying to

Break the ritual of ‘it’s her duty’


Eventually, I conquer the journey

Not ducking under the shotguns of ‘I’m tired’


As I sip a cup of piping hot tea

And set to auto-write you

Into a book full of memories

Opening drawers of tranquility

While a drop of fatigue shamelessly trickles down


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