Dare to Dream by Huma Masood

Dare to Dream by Huma Masood


Have you ever heard of a pocket dictionary? Well, I think most of us have. It serves as a ready reference, isn’t it? Similarly, Huma Masood’s self-help book, ‘Dare to Dream’ is a pocketbook which serves as a ready reference to help you achieve your dreams.

The book is divided into 2 main parts: Dare to Dream and Strive to Achieve which are sub-divided into many bite-sized parts. This works the best for a self-help book, particularly for Huma’s book, as it helps readers to understand and digest each and every section into action pieces to put it to work.

We all have a vision and a mission or a dream to say it in simple terms. In order to achieve a dream, having a vision is important. But even a clear vision sometimes cannot lead you towards your goal. Therefore, we need to unlock the power of visualization through ‘Vision Boards’. Huma dives deep to explain the power of vision boards and how to even use and prepare a one. In fact, I’ve even created a vision board applying the methods mentioned in the book.

The book also helps in guiding the readers on how to prepare for the journey to reach the goals. The author has very well divided the complex subject into small topics by giving personal examples for better understanding. The personal touch on the subjects such as social skills, growth blockers, managing anxiety, and life in totality really helped me a lot.

Huma has also touched upon the subjects concerning our daily life routines which I feel to be very important to initiate a change for the better. In the end, the book also contains a couple of exercises to set the ball rolling for the readers.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the book. I have it on my phone to give a brisk read and come back to bite-sized pieces of information for the betterment of self.

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