I'm watching you

I’m watching you


With a cigar in his hand and lines of unease caressing his forehead, he gave a quick glance at his watch. He still had few minutes for himself.

Pictures of his family adorned the adjacent wall and he ran his fingers over them, reminiscing the happy days and time they shared.

“I love you, Romz”, he vocalized his thoughts as he sat down listening to wedding music on the gramophone.

A sharp alarm sound from his watch brought him back to present. He quickly adjusted himself, switched off the gramophone and sat his eyes outside the window.

Ronnie, known for his sharp cold eyes that can probably butcher someone who didn’t pay his heed and for his near flawless sense of timing, were things people around revered him for.

Sudden activity on the street and the sounds of police sirens alerted the netizens as they stood on their balconies, watching the hullabaloo.

Human bomb found dead. Major terrorist attack averted.


Word Count: 160

Written for the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s prompt is from Enisa. Please find other entries to Week 166 here.