He is standing in front of the mirror and reflecting

The deeds of the past may catch up soon


Somewhere his decade-old poems are creating a wave


What better way to start a reflection post for #BlogchatterA2Z with a couplet after writing 26 poems in the month of April?

Yes, I survived the AtoZChallenge for the 2nd time, but this time it was not that easy as compared to a couple of years ago. That time, I was prepared with all the 26 poems (Yes, even then, I wrote 26 poems on the theme of Love), but this time I simply couldn’t squeeze few minutes on a daily basis to write.

The reasons were plenty. First, my health took a beating and continues to be a nuisance even now (something on which I need to concentrate more). Secondly, work decided to leave no stone unturned to burden me more. Thus, I wrote daily at home and read others while at work. (Thank God for it, else I wouldn’t be able to stay fresh at work)

Having said that, the last week was pretty exhausting to say at least. I felt like entire universe conspiring against me with no time to write the last 6 poems. Thankfully, Sunday – my saviour came well and I could finish all the remaining poems with ease. Thus, I championed and survived the #AtoZChallenge, writing 26 diverse poems which speaks my mind on topics such as news, current affairs, love, and governance.

All this would not have been possible with Blogchatter community through which I met some really wonderful bloggers. I got to read some fantastic posts on different genres from Jayakumar, Shilpa, Natasha, Tina, Varad, Namratha, Shipra, Sayan, Sonia, Ruchi, and Shweta. However, I regret reading few other talented bloggers, but that’s a given when you start out late. So hopefully, will try to start early and give the entire month of April to reading others.

The Blogchatter AtoZChallenge Twitter DM group was a live wire where we had plenty of talks, feedbacks on posts written, constant encouragement and even discussions on e-book.

April is gone now and so is all the fun of reading, sharing and discovering new blogs. But, May is here and most of us, yours truly included, will shine with an e-book containing all the 26 posts. So here’s looking forward to a shining May!