The Romantic Moment - A to Z Challenge

The Romantic Moment – A to Z Challenge


That moment of seizing a coy glance

The lovely gaze where eyes meet for a flash

Where heart skips a beat to dance

As ardent glee escapes with a panache


The loose strands of silk caressing her cheeks

Igniting the urge to feel thee

Her voluptuous lips flaring me inner at peaks

That heartily threatening my sanity


A firm handshake followed by the sweet melody of her influence

As thoughts got exchanged, agreed to and doubled

Every second’s every minute’s soothing cadence

Ray of future got candled


Beauty’s effect with brain doth not excel

And a ‘Yes’ with a nod of heads is where Love doth dwell


This post is written as a part of A to Z Challenge in association with Blogchatter.