Evidence - A to Z Challenge
Evidence - A to Z Challenge

Once upon a time

A king decided to understand

What is love all about

And so called his ministers


The first man came and said

‘With my experience of three marriages

I’ve got it now, I can clearly tell,

Love is complicated just as women’


The king then called a learned

Expecting a better answer.

 ‘I’ve learnt it all! he said, Love is

When you think of that person all the time.’

The third fellow, slightly older in age

Stood in front of the king and started explaining

‘Love is empathy, the way you see things

Through your eyes bearing in others’ heart,


A vast ocean encompassing lust, and cares

Just as the notorious leafy cabbage,

It is more than just wishing good morning and

Taking those silent long walks.’


‘So my friends, he raised his voice to be heard

Love is many things put together, an evidence

Of it which changes from person to person,

 A formula which can be bettered only with passing age.

This post is a part of A to Z Challenge 2018 in association with Blogchatter.