A Hope For People - A to Z Challenge

A Hope For People – A to Z Challenge


There was a hope in the eyes

For society and people in the sixties


Government threw gold and silver

Schemes sugar coated to appease


People’s eye was full of stars like

Lovers who are blind by the night


The perfume of jobs, growth, globalization

Was the scent people grew up to


There were no paints on the walls

But they were polished and shone


The government threw plenty of rainbows

And people grew decades into it


Now, the scent is flavored and sugar coated

With GDP, NPAs, and politically-motivated discourse


The walls stand marvelously painted exteriorly

The interior stands tarnished and dark


The perfume reeks of a set-up for

Votes, numbers, and ground to play


With people’s aspirations and hopes

As they lie in an earthly-scented wash of dust


This post is written as a part of A to Z Challenge in association with Blogchatter.