Work was as usual in the office. Goals were set for the quarter for each and every employee, performance was monitored, team balance was optimal and more importantly, the management was happy. Business grew at a steady pace and regular bonus kept the employees gung-ho and optimistic.

But one thing was irking me a lot. I witnessed a sudden change in my friend Aniket’s behavior. A guy who used to always keep smiling, was replaced with a guy who has worry lines formed on his forehead.

So one day, I asked him the reason for those worry line plastered on his forehead.

To which, he said, ‘There are plenty of investment options available. I’m confused, which ones to choose and #investbefikar!

I smiled at him as even I had the same set of doubts which probably many others might have as well.

Being a blogger, I asked him to accompany me to a Bloggers Meet and be a witness to how to approach investing and achieve #LifeGoals.

Bajaj Allianz Bloggers Meet #Lifegoals

Bajaj Allianz Bloggers Meet #Lifegoals

Bajaj Allianz, one of the top most Life Insurance companies in India, with AUM of more than 50,000 crores organized an educative bloggers meet – a first in its kind.

The meet kick started with the multi-talented, Suresh Menon sharing some funny anecdotes about investing and the age-old method of investing – They bought a policy or a product, he also bought it, so you also buy it, which, by the way is a completely wrong way of investing.

Suresh Menon at his funniest #LifeGoals

Suresh Menon at his funniest #LifeGoals

“That’s exactly how investments happen in my family.” Aniket nudged me, muttered in my ears and started listening again. 

One must not just invest for the sake of an investment, but to achieve one’s #LifeGoals.

So, one must have a clarity about his or her goals in life. The goals can be short term or long term, such as buying a dream home, planning for child’s education, rich retirement, destination wedding etc.

“So not only ones life needs to be protected, but also his #LifeGoals needs to be cosseted and nurtured with proper planning and direction”. Aniket exclaimed and a bunch of bloggers smiled and nodded at his observation.



It is imperative to achieve these short term and long term life goals and in order to achieve them, a proper investment planning and a good product to invest in is essential.

Subsequently, as we proceeded to play a dart game, we understood that planning for your goal and investing early, increases the chances of achieving the goal manifold.

 Aniket, excited to know more and ease his worry lines asked, “So, where to invest in?”

His question was answered by the MD and CEO of Bajaj Allianz, Mr. Tarun Chugh who eloquently threw light on young India’s dreams, aspirations and goals and how to channel them to achieve it over a period of time.

Aniket and myself, along with plenty of blogger friends were glued not only to him, but also to CIO, Sampath Reddy, who shared his views on how to invest for achieving #LifeGoals.

The duo threw a lot of facts relating to Ulips in particular, and how it is not an investment product of the past. The Ulips of now, is more evolved as a product and a better performing one than most of the Ulip plans by other insurance companies as compared to Bajaj Allianz.

Me being on the other side of thirties, I kept nodding to it, as having witnessed those non-performing years of Ulips.

I and Aniket were thoroughly convinced that finally, financial market has a good, reliable alternative in the form of Ulips.

Ulips to achieve your #Lifegoals

Ulips to achieve your #Lifegoals

“But, in which product to invest in?”, asked the jubilant Aniket, rolling his sleeves and with a smile of contentment on his face.

To which, Mr Chugh, gleefully replied, “Well, stay tuned and watch out this space for a product which will help to achieve your #LifeGoals.