Life as a teacher

Life as a teacher


You were a witness to my destruction

I didn’t even get time to wonder why

You chose me to land in molten lava

Hands tied, darkness in sight


You were once I had faith

That you’ll hold me like a dandelion

To your bosom and rock me

For a night’s peaceful sleep


The big bad world is indeed for me, you’d said

I learned and gained wisdom, putting trust

On you, who takes care of his child.

My wilting journey however had began


I had lost all the oars of hope

To turn the tide

But, little did I knew

That a silky flower rises out of deep manure


You, my life, showed me many things

Tangibles, Intangibles; Values and Morals

Whom to trust, whom not to trust,

But to never stop believing in self


Smile more and more and more

You’ll stumble inner calm and peace

Along with a thin branch of hope

Whispering to step ahead and saying


Life is with you, my dear child

Life is with you


This post is written as a part of ChatterPrompts