This post is a part of #BlogchatterProjects where I intend to persuade men to help women with household chores and spread happiness with #LoveToShare.

The tired one and the not so tired one.

Stare at the mountain of dried clothes.

The tired one raises a brow,

The not so tired one offers a customary smile.

The tired one yells silently, but who cares.

The not-so-tied one whistles away.


The tired one shoots darts bitter-laced,

One after another till the mind calms.

A batter of emotions race to well up,

But the tired one manages to hold the fort.


The not-so-tired one expresses weariness,

Takes a nap with legs stretched and TV on mute.

Oh! The week’s work is catching up on my stamina,

I require this much-needed, much-deserved nap.


The tired one works continuously. It’s always the same.

Sometimes mindlessly, but with an aim, a purpose

To keep the home a beautiful one, each time

One lays eyes on and to work handsomely in office.

“Two souls, one heart”, not just a wedding day kiss,

The not-so-tired one wakes up with enlightenment.


With #LoveToShare and help folding the dried clothes and

To sing to the tired one – “We are two souls with one heart”.


So tell me all the men out here – How do you help at home? Does the male member of your family helps with household activities? 

Let me know in the comment section and share the post. Cheers!