They talk about me
As if,
I’ve committed a crime

But, how do I explain
Being in love
Is not a crime

Yes, we were
Deeply in love
Or we weren’t?

My heart confirms,
With a
Thumping yes

Yes, those exchanges
Of e-mails and smses
Confirms it, don’t they?

I remember that day
Crumbling into
Fables and romances

I hear the proposal
With a bated breath

The rings being
A testament
To our romance

But suddenly, our romance
Turns into
Our ‘so called’ romance

A memory loss?
Or his?

Incandescent life
To taproot of imaginations?


I don’t know
I leave that to you

To make a decision
As PRs
Try to match to the ‘truth’


At 1pm: She was about to leave for her shoot, when her eyes fell on today’s newspaper. With a bated breath she searched for any ‘news’. 

The smile on her face made it evident. The PR machinery was working overtime.

At 3pm (same day): He wished ‘good morning’ to the day with a sore throat and a grumpy muscle. The heavy exercises in the gym and weather had taken a toll on his body.

However, half an hour later, he was at his wittiest best. Open letters were working for him.

Along with the entire nation, even I am eager to know what’s the truth. Was there anything concrete like ‘Love’ between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, was it just a fling gone sour or was it just a one night stand threatening to blow-off each other’s careers or is it just a publicity stunt?

The questions are many and so are the statements.

What do you think? What’s your opinion on the subject? Let me know in the comments. 

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