On an evening in a crowded mall

Away from the office’s constant strife

I stood, head held high as the new VP

Surrounded with a colourful array

Of neatly stacked clothes and lingeries

For the three ladies that I live with.


Glancing perfunctorily, I select the best-suited three

A lingerie, a saree, and a pair of shorts, respectively

For the missus, mother and daughter.


My heart prided in understanding the pattern

Of feminine minds and just then,

I bumped into another shopper

Carrying multiple bags like me


I gathered all my bags without any fuss,

Mind you, I’m bit fussy, but my mood being good,

I waved a ‘That’s fine’ and hurried away.


The missus opened the door and hugged me,

Gauging my facial muscles and

We kissed briefly.


She passed on the good news

And in came the remaining two ladies to wish me


I handed each of them a carry bag

“Calls for a celebration” I chirped happily

And could hear murmurs of happiness 


My daughter squealed in delight

“A saree, yipee, perfect for traditional day at college”

Upon hearing that, I choked


Missus winked and gave a cheeky smile

“You better take me to Goa now! She ordered,

Expressing her delight

Whilst admiring the peach coloured pair of shorts.


I panicked.

“Wait”, I cried

But it was too late as the box was in mother’s hand now


She viewed the contents and

Stormed away inside her room

Only to emerge within seconds

With a smile on her face

“Thank you for making me feel young again!”


I heaved a sigh of relief


Before retiring for the night,

The missus said,

“You really understand the pattern of feminine minds”

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