Nostalgic Memories

Nostalgic Memories


She walks with an air of confidence

Bouncing across the pavement,

A beauty unmatched


He observes the attractiveness from afar

Smiles at the thought of being together


Just then,

His thought bubble pokes

Puncturing his thoughts


“Such an ordinary boy like you

Has no chance with a girl so beautiful”


He agrees to his friend and

Goes back to sipping tea and

Brandishes the girl from his mind


On the other end,

She hopes that the boy notices her

Every time that she’s walked by his window

In anticipation to catch his eye


Running his fingers against the soft and yellow-turned paper with creases of folds weighing heavily on life of the paper, Rajeev flushed. Flashes of that day lay bright in front of him.

Sipping that cup of tea, that day, he had written this verse and kept it in a secure place. 

Today, after almost 30 years, that familiar face appeared in front of him.

“You looked attractive then!” Exclaimed Rajeev, seeing their wedding album. And “now as well”, he added quickly as an afterthought.

She fixated her eyes on him, a threaten of sorts and subsequently gave away that million dollar smile.

“You saved your arse just in time”, winked Monica, pulling him into a tight hug. 

Releasing himself from Monica’s hug after what seemed like an eternity; he took pen to the yellow-turned paper and added a couplet.

“But little did she know that

Her wishes were answered”

“Happy Anniversary”, darling, he quipped with his trademark smile and pulled her into a soul crushing hug.


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